An extensive catalogue of all types of decorative curtains and solar control: roller blinds, vertical blinds, pleated blinds and Japanese blinds. Blinds that fit any space and requirement, with a wide range of colours and fabrics: translucent, day and night, screen, opaque or bespoke.

Roller blinds

Blinds are the contemporary window covering par excellence, thanks to their design, easy handling, cleanliness and solar control capacity. At Screenplus, we custom-manufacture the solution you are looking for. We offer you an extensive range of blinds made with a wide range of fabrics and colours (opaque, translucent, screen and bespoke) designed to give you the decorative solution to meet your needs.

Screen roller blinds

Bespoke screen roller blinds at the best price. Ideal fabric thanks to its different thicknesses, colours and aperture factor to control light and heat.

Day and night blinds

Semi-opaque roller blind formed by two strips, one transparent and another more opaque, ideal for controlling the entrance of light.

Blackout roller blinds

With a wide range of colours, blackout roller blinds enable you to completely block light and provide privacy. We custom-make your blackout blind.

Day and night roller blinds

The Day and Night roller blind combines two strips, one translucent and another with a decorative fabric which, of course, enables the entrance of light to be controlled.
Two actuating options: chain and motor.

The mechanisms available for the Day and Night roller blind are Titano,
Horus, Zeus, Atenea and Artemis.

Requires two specific counterweights (D and D inox) to control the two
sides of fabric.

Installation details

It is important to stress that Day and Night blinds should either be mounted on a profile or have a pelmet, to fix one of the two parts of the fabric to.

Hera Blinds

The Hera models consists of a mechanism with a convenient and Functional design. With rollable fabric between the glazing beads of the window, it takes up very little space, which helps to create a more spacious feel in a small space. With the option of maximising the darkness using Blackout fabric. The Hera roller blind is installed in the glazing bead.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are back in fashion, not just as office blinds, but also for the home. The latest interior design trends have put them back in the spotlight. Their ease when it comes to controlling light and privacy with the collection of fabrics in different slat widths and colours provides a gentle, elegant and elongated blind. Blinds with vertical slats in three types of fabric: screen, translucent or blackout.

Vertical Screen blinds

A modern and functional solution that will allow you to adjust the entrance of light. Choose from a varied range of colours for our made-to-measure vertical screen blinds.

Translucent Vertical blinds

Made-to-measure blinds with vertical slats. Make the most of natural light with total privacy. Discover our collections of more than 60 different fabrics.

Blackout Vertical blinds

Blinds with blackout vertical slats for a full control of light and to achieve the desired privacy. Decorate your space with you made-to-measure vertical blind.

Japanese Panel

Beauty, style and functionality go hand in hand with this type of vertical panel blinds. Formed by panels of fabric with different types of material, they are the perfect solution for rooms with large windows or to divide interior rooms. They can be made with three types of fabric depending on the desired outcome: Japanese screen panel, translucent and blackout.

Japanese Screen Panel

Japanese screen panel, the perfect solution for large windows or to divide rooms. Choose from our different fabrics and their transparency.

Translucent Japanese Panel

Cover large surfaces with striking colours and take advantage of natural sunlight with translucent Japanese panels.

Blackout Japanese Panel

Blackout Japanese panels with a wide range of plain and patterned fabrics which top the sunlight from filtering through them. Privacy and darkness with style.

Pleated blinds

The pleated blinds system are the best option for places with minimal space thanks to their gathering system. They are usually installed in the glazing beads of windows and doors: this is a versatile product for any opening and decor. Pleated blinds can be made in a large number of fabrics, aluminium finishes, with day-night effects in the same system… Additionally, the pleated fabrics are treated to repel dust.

Plated in the minimum amount of space

Pleated blinds are products that offer interior sun protection and can be installed in places that are not compatible with any other product.

Translucent Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds offer sun control to preserve privacy in each room. We have a large collection of translucent fabrics to meet every need and atmosphere.

Bespoke pleated blinds

We have endless options of designs, fabrics, colours and textures. There is a pleated blind to fit every room and every ambience.

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