Glazing with moving panels and without profiles to enclose terraces, porches or balconies.

Glass curtains are the ideal solution and without profiles to enclose terraces, porches and balconies. Enjoying these spaces is always associated with spring-like weather, since the cold of winter, autumn rain or excess heat in summer don’t allow us to make the most of these outdoor spaces.

The glass curtain adapts these spaces so they transform according to the time of year, thus allowing us to continue to enjoy the views and light without any obstacles. A glazing system with moving panels and without profiles to create a lighter, more versatile and secure space.

If you want to enjoy natural light and the outdoors within the comfort of your home, the glass curtain is the best solution. Additionally, you can complement it with a retractable roof. Take a look at the advantages in the Retractable Roofs section.

Glass curtains can be opened fully since they have a ball bearing opening system, with the possibility of leaving the space completely open.

Folding aperture

Glass curtains can be opened fully thanks to the ball bearing system. The folding aperture system, opens towards the right or left depending on your preference, enables you to manage the space more conveniently.

Smaller frame at the bottom

Our home’s comfort is essential, which is why we minimise the obstacles with a smaller frame at the bottom which makes it easy to move from one space to another.

State-of-the-art ironwork

The closing system of the glass curtain is as secure as it is minimalist. A state-of-the art window without profiles which fits perfectly to prevent leaks or filtrations.

Watertight profiles

Glass curtains with a chamber, with a high thermal insulation and sound proofing, have small aluminium profiles that support the glass, without this affecting its full aperture or its brightness.

Minimal joints

The fit between the sashes without profiles provides an unobstructed view, which enables us to enjoy the scenery and light to the fullest extent.

Ultra clear glass

A wide view without profiles can only be improved with the transparency of invisible glass. The glass curtain makes you feel as if you are outdoors with the comfort and convenience of a home.

Available in colours from the RAL colour chart

A wide range of colours within your reach so you can tailor the glass curtain to the aesthetics of your decor or your personal preference.

L and U-shape construction

The bespoke glass curtain for your space. We have the option of adapting the glass curtain to circular shapes and also finding special solutions for corners.

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