Enjoy natural light and the outdoors within the comfort of your home

Adaptable and multi-purpose spaces are increasingly valued in private dwellings. Rooms that transform for different uses and times of the year.

Being able to enjoy a terrace, patio or porch has always been associated with spring-like weather, since the cold of winter, autumn rain or excess heat in summer don’t allow us to make the most of these outdoor spaces.

The retractable glass roofs from Replus are high quality and robust, since they have a sliding and motorised glass system. Their chain drive is the added value of our brand that enables the installation of roofs of up to 14 metres with a guarantee of reliability in the opening and closing. The chain drive offers a limit switch which is vital for the durability and quality of the roof and its motorisation.

Additionally, if you are concerned about protection from direct rays from the sun, you can complete the installation by adding solar treated glass. For increased privacy in your room, we also have a specialised catalogue of Screenplus technical blinds and awnings that adapt perfectly.

Watertight profiles

Watertight profiles protect us from adverse weather conditions and guarantee the insulation required to face the biggest enemy of retractable roofs: water. They also prevent the entrance of dirt into the home.

Hidden motor

Retractable roofs with a hidden motor to achieve an aesthetic in line with their quality and exclusivity. In addition, we add extra protection to the mechanical parts to protect them from adverse weather and thereby increase the durability and smooth functioning of the product.

Aperture of up to 80%.

The higher the aperture, the more ventilation and natural light enters your room. The improved aperture of up to 80% expands the field of vision and the adaptability of your room.

Chain drive

The chain drive is a fundamental pillar in the functionality of the retractable roof. The reliability of the closing of the retractable roof is due to the internal drive (inside the profile) via traction with a chain instead of a toothed belt.

Adaptable surfaces

We offer transparent, translucent or opaque surfaces for your retractable roof, depending on your preference. The privacy of your home is essential, which is why we adapt to your needs.

Double glazing

The 70 mm frame enables double glazing to be installed with 5 chambers. Essential and extremely cost-effective double glazing to enjoy increased comfort in your home.

Integrated support structure

If your retractable roof cannot be installed without a structural base, we include it and install it in an integrated manner.

Wide range of colours

Availability in colours from the RAL colour chart so the retractable roof matches the architectural aesthetic or decor of your home.

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