Custom-made windows with exclusive profiles: perimeter ironwork, invisible welding, maximum watertightness, glazing with the option of treatment, French casement without central mullion with dual tilt and turn handle and a wide range of colours.


The field of vision of a fixed window with the possibilities of a casement window.

Our hidden sash window is the best choice to add a distinctive touch to your home, where the scenery, light and aesthetics gain importance without foregoing the best features of a conventional window.


The high performance window that turns your home into a true haven.

Comfort and well-being are guaranteed with our triple seal window thanks to the sound proofing and thermal insulation it provides. Maximum airtightness with a modern and efficient design. Full film with a wide variety of colours and textures.


Our basic, efficient and high quality window

The double seal profile is a good choice when you are wanting to renovate and improve the windows in old houses, since their constructive section measures 70mm.

The hermetic solution to install on exits to terraces, gardens or swimming pools.

With more than 90% de aperture, the Open Plus provides the airtightness of a casement system with the convenience of a sliding window.

The airtight sliding door for large spaces

The lift-and-slide window achieves optimum thermal insulation and sound proofing to cover large surfaces with a sliding system which offers a comfortable opening and closing system.

A ‘classic’ window enclosure with the Replus guarantee

The sliding window is a good choice for homes with little space. Available in double and triple track to increase the opening space.

All of the advantages of a sliding window and casement window in one product.

The tilt-and-slide window is the best solution if you are looking for a large window with the airtightness of a casement window. The tilt-and-slide closing system can tailor to the space, taking maximum advantage of light and exterior views.


Aluplus by Refine, the aluminum version of The Perfect Window.

The new aluminium window with RPT from Aluplus by Refine is the perfect combination of the advantages of a material like PVC in terms of insulation and sustainability, and the architectural capabilities and strength of aluminium.

Our 4 Passivhaus
certified windows

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