Start up your perfect business.
Replus sales outlet

We offer you the boost you need to ​start a successful business from scratch.

With the Replus sales outlet, ​you can forget about concerns when it comes to setting up a business​ since you will receive advice from the beginning and we will be by your side to work out all of the details. All of this, with the guarantee of a business model that already works in ​more than 200 stores spread throughout Spain.

Being the manufacturer and monitoring the entire process, until reaching the end customer​, is our strength and what makes the business solid.

We offer you all of the effective tools to set up the business, ​we will train you, give you advice and plan all of the stages of the project together.

Management software
Interior design and furniture
3D design of the project
Training included
High quality windows configurator
Online store
Marketing plan
website + social networks
LED signage

No stock, no risks

All of our products are custom-made exclusively for each customer and therefore we don’t generate stock. Using our own software, you will place the order with the factory when it has been presented, quoted for and accepted by your customer. From that point, we will manufacture and deliver them for them to be installed. There is no option for rejection because the order is custom-made to the millimetre, once the customer has signed and accepted it. Additionally, thanks to an agent we have an agreement with, you will have already charged for the work in advance. Therefore, it is a safe, great business, without stock and, above all, without risk.

Highly demanded product

Recently, we have spent a lot of time at home and we now place more value on qualities like optimising natural light, a good orientation, maximum sound proofing or outdoor space, like a good size terrace connected to the living area of the home. That’s why our products are becoming increasingly important. It’s time to improve housing to live better.

Additionally, with the increase in energy prices, customers want to invest in their homes to make them more energy efficient.

Fast start up

You will be able to open your sales outlet in just two months. During this time, you will visit the factory to learn about the company and the product first-hand, we will provide you with a free business plan, we will help you to look for the best premises, we will design the interior and exterior with our architects, we will train you and accompany you in the opening. But that’s not all: we will be with you all the way.

Exclusive business

You can choose where to open a new Replus sales outlet, provided that the sales area has more than 20,000 inhabitants, whether this is a city, district, neighbourhood, shopping centre or any area which is clearly identified and limited.

We guarantee the exclusivity of the area based on meeting objectives.

Core business

High profitability
Fast return
Professional training and commercial assistance
No stock or discontinued products, custom-made orders
Easy to expand to other cities or areas from the first sales outlet.
Exclusivity of geographical area

What are you waiting for to start the perfect windows business?

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