We are aware of the serious consequences caused by climate change and, therefore, our efforts to achieve a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly production are a firm commitment.

Here at Replus, we strive to ensure our products are a key element in projects that offer a more efficient and sustainable alternative in the construction sector. For that reason, we use materials with a good environmental performance, which consume less energy and reduce CO2 emissions.

One of the most notable features of PVC carpentry is its high level of thermal insulation and sound proofing, which has a direct impact on the energy efficiency of buildings and homes, leading to a reduction in energy costs. It is common knowledge that appropriate insulation is crucial in efficient energy use and in reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Solar panels

At Replus, we opt for green energy because looking after the planet is everyone’s responsibility. Solar energy enables us to obtain energy more cleanly, in addition to achieving significant energy savings in the manufacturing of our products.

Recyclable product

PVC is a material that offers many advantages thanks to its light weight, durability and stability, which helps it to be a great ally when it comes to energy efficiency. As well as offering high performance in terms of insulation and airtightness, our products can be fully recycled more than 10 times without this affecting the material’s condition.

Circular economy

Although our windows are not made from recycled materials, the waste materials are used to manufacture alternative products in other industries. That’s why we can say that our PVC windows are 100% recyclable and contribute to a circular economy for a more sustainable development of the planet.

Hybrid commercial vehicles

Our decision to become a more sustainable company goes far beyond increasing our energy saving, opting for renewable energies or contributing to a circular economy. Journeys by road and the pollution they cause has a significant impact on atmospheric pollution. For that reason, the vehicles used by our network of sales representatives are hybrid vehicles, helping to create an essential reduction in emissions that are harmful to our ozone layer.